Multidimensional Healthcare

A practice informed by years of study and experience

My great teachers give me the practice, tools, and access to insight in order to treat each individual holistically and functionally.  

 Working together we can help the body/mind restore itself to its optimal mechanical and physiological integrity. 

In each session I employ hands-on treatments to “listen” for imbalances and restrictions, feeling for areas of greater heat, fluid retention or pathways of pathological motion. I then respond to what I “hear” by moving muscles, bones, lymph and joints via gentle pressure. I may lengthen, expand, and release trigger points, guide particular yogic movements through active or passive resistance and range of motion. Thus together, we work to help the body/mind remember and return to its own natural state of health and well-being.

A client may come in with whiplash, and when it is clear it’s too painful to work on the neck, I may begin working on the tissue in a related area somewhere else, for example, on their calf.  I may suggest an ayurvedic treatment or teach a series of movements. 

When I am working far from the point of injury and yet there’s a release of the primary pain there I’ve heard surprised clients say, “That was magic!” But it’s not magic. It is the result of a set of skills I have developed studying with expert teachers and  [#?] years of careful, practical experience.

Having learned to synthesize invaluable tools of the living sciences of Ayurveda, Osteopathy, and Yoga, I can assist you to move toward the moment when your body/mind is able to use its own intrinsic intelligence to release pain and limitations that have resulted from trauma and chronic conditions.

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